Vibration Design of Entertainment Venues

Detailed vibration analysis of entertainment venues is essential to designing a performing structure within a reasonable budget. Coordinated crowd excitation during games and concerts may cause excessive vibrations and adversely affect human comfort. We build detailed finite element models of the structure, investigate its dynamic characteristics and perform enhanced vibration analyses that take into account the human-structure interaction.

Boston, MA

Fenway Theater

Project Highlights 

The project involved two tiers of seating area composed of precast concrete bleachers spanning as far as 36 ft. These areas were supported by steel trusses and raker beams with cantilever lengths reaching out over 20 ft.

Vibration Criteria 

Vibration criteria were selected according to the recommendations of AISC Design Guide -11, 2nd edition, for rhythmic activity occupancies. 

Solution Strategy 

A detailed finite element model of the whole structure was constructed, including precast bleachers and cantilever steel framing. Dynamic crowd loading associated with lively concerts was applied to the model and the resulting vibration responses were calculated and compared against established vibration criteria. Structural framing was re-designed to satisfy vibration requirements.

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