Vibration Consulting

McNamara Salvia provides specialty vibration services as a part of our integrated design approach. We work closely with the design team to perform advanced vibration analyses and/or conduct in-situ vibration testing. The results enable us to recommend efficient design modifications to control vibration levels that will meet and exceed expectations. We are extending our vibration consulting services to our current and new clients among architects, structural engineers, developers, contractors, facility managers, acoustical consultants and others. 

Our vibration consulting services deliver a unique three-in-one perspective: as researchers, vibration consultants and structural engineers we deliver creative, employable and cost-effective solutions.

For more than two decades, we have provided vibration consulting services for the following uses:



Vibrations Group Director

McNamara Salvia Vibrations Group was established in early 2020 under the leadership of Dr. Omer Tigli P.E. to provide a unique set of vibration consulting services that we’ve been advancing over the past two decades. Dr. Tigli has worked at McNamara Salvia as a structural analyst and as an internal vibration expert on hundreds of projects from a variety of market sectors since he joined us in 2008. He developed a specialty vibration measurement system in 2010 and has collected vibration data on numerous buildings since then. Dr. Tigli has been able to correlate the measured data to engineering models and refine the accuracy of our models. His codes interact with our engineering models to perform complex vibration analyses and produce vibration heat maps that can be easily understood by any lay person.

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