Macro Workshop

The MACRO Workshop is an interdisciplinary group of McNamara Salvia structural engineers, modelers, and computer programmers. In our Workshop, we tinker with existing workflows and analytical data to find new lean solutions to building design problems. We progressively use the Information in Building Information Modeling (BIM), to automate design processes, offer real time analysis of architectural schemes, program advanced analytical tools, and extend the lifespan of the data into the construction phase and beyond.    

We aim to be a preferred technical resource for owners, architects, engineers, and builders, for developing solutions for the integration and advancement of the design and construction process.

Our MACRO Workshop develops applications that create internal design efficiencies, bridge the data gap between design and production models and extend the reach of our data to serve our design team partners.

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  • Teaching our computers to recognize design trends and to identify unconventional design configurations before time consuming simulations are performed. 
  • Influencing the construction industry by introducing predictive algorithms for better cost estimation and including target value design decisions.
  • Utilizing AI to highlight desired efficient options for our engineers  to consider in all aspects of our workflow.
  • Developing applications that use parametric data to perform iterative post-processed design tasks.
  • Connecting design data to production models to synthesize  deliverable processes.
  • Extending the life of design data by using Model Submittal Review during construction.
  • Real time analysis of architectural concepts.
  • Providing the entire solution set to a design problem.
  • Leveraging computational design tools for better client interaction.
  • Applying templates to typical details and general notes for programmed integration into construction documents.
  • Establishing a library of codes and reference standards to be sourced by our applications.
  • Working with partner organizations (software developers, trade organizations, subcontractors) to integrate processes into their operations.
  • Leveraging state-of-art algorithms to find material and process savings.
  • Reducing the need for Value Engineering (VE) to a minimum or non-existence.
  • Keeping clients informed about cross section optimization, topology optimization, and layout optimization for lean designs.