Field Services

McNamara Salvia provides comprehensive field services to ensure the highest quality structural integrity of a building or project. Our first hand structural knowledge combined with high tech instruments and on-demand access to updated documents from the construction site allows for live feedback, thereby reducing construction delays. Inspectors are also able to provide on-the-fly solutions to field issues. Sensitive areas are quickly identified, relayed to key personnel and are closely monitored.

Building on our wealth of structural engineering experience, inspectors also use a documentation application that allows them to send out inspection reports to all interested parties while in the field. This coupled with McNamara Salvia’s highly developed Standard Operating Procedures for every project allows for accuracy, consistency, and cost savings to the owner.

Using firsthand structural knowledge to ensure the highest quality inspection.

  • 40-Year Inspection
  • Special /Threshold Inspector
  • Due Diligence
  • Enhanced Construction Administration
  • Foreclosure Inspection
  • Streamlined Construction: Beyond quality assurance, our inspectors work with the contractor to facilitate the construction process.
  • Better Communication: Our engineering staff and our Inspection field representatives are colleagues, and maintain constant contact.
  • Document Familiarity: Our Inspectors are intimately familiar with our details, specifications and arrangement of our Contract Documents.
  • Fewer NCR’s: Our inspectors are the link between the contractor and the engineering team, solving field issues in real time before they become problems. This reduces the number of NCR’s.
  • Improving Schedule: By avoiding NCR’s and corrective work after the fact, delays to the construction schedule are avoided.
  • Saving Money: All of the above translates into cost savings!