Structural Engineering services

Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Much like CAD revolutionized the design industry in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s, Building Information Modeling (BIM) is revolutionizing the industry today. Our production department has advanced training in BIM and we are fully capable of producing building models to any Level of Development (LOD) that your project requires. We have a direct relationship with Autodesk, the developers of Revit, which is one, if not the most, prevalent BIM software in use today. This relationship allows us to remain on the cutting edge of BIM software development.

Inspectional Services

McNamara  Salvia provides comprehensive inspection services: Due Dilligence, 40-Year Inspections, Threshold Inspection, and Foreclosure Inspection.

Long Span Roof Structure

Our Managing Principals have significant experience with long-span structures on sports facilities, convention centers, exhibition halls, casinos, and aviation projects. Designing long-span structures requires a thorough knowledge of deflection requirements, HVAC coordination, catwalk layouts, connection design, and constructability issues.  Experience coupled with our technical expertise results in cost-effective structural solutions that provide our clients with unsurpassed value added to their project.

Progressive Collapse

McNamara  Salvia has the engineering acumen and the technical capacity required for thorough non-linear progressive collapse analysis.  We are versed in both General Services Administration (GSA) and Department of Defense (DoD) requirements for progressive collapse mitigation in the design of mission-critical facilities and federal government projects.

Seismic Engineering

We are experts in seismic engineering and seismic protection, coupling an in-depth understanding of seismic dynamics with a thorough knowledge of state and federal requirements.  We have applied innovative technologies for projects such as the Boise International Airport terminal retrofit and the San Francisco Piers retail development, and for clients such as Disney Development Company and Warner Bros. Records.

Value Engineering

McNamara  Salvia has made a name for ourselves over the past 20+ years by providing Owners and Developers with efficient and economical structural systems at the start of the project.  Every project begins with an analysis of several structural systems for economy and construction efficiency.  Our depth of experience allows the Principals and senior staff to apply knowledge gathered from years of hands-on project management to every new project.  In addition to our own projects, we are often retained by Owners, Developers and Construction Managers to provide value engineering solutions for other projects that have significant budget or constructability problems.  We are able to quickly review documents and provide feedback to the client resulting in significant savings to the project and the Owner’s bottom line.

Vibration Isolation

Vibration has become a driving force in building design today as many office buildings eliminate structural damping by going “paperless” and research buildings house sensitive imaging equipment or laboratory animals that are susceptible to very minor vibrations. McNamara  Salvia has designed research and medical facilities for many of the world’s leading biotechnology firms and hospitals. We have the expertise to develop structural systems to meet vibration criteria for new buildings or to mitigate vibration problems in existing buildings.  In addition to working closely with several leading acoustic/vibration consultants, we also have in-house vibration specialists for both diagnosing and solving a variety of vibration issues in structures of all types.

Wind Engineering

Though Boston is not generally known as a center of wind engineering, our knowledge and experience in wind engineering is what first brought us into the Miami market. We have experience in designing high-rise structures in both Boston and the demanding wind environments of South Florida.  We have a thorough knowledge of wind analysis and have close relationships with two of the major wind-tunnel testing firms in North America.  These relationships allow us to work very closely with the wind consultant to understand a building’s behavior and develop an efficient structural system.  During this process, we strive to achieve creative and economical structural systems instead of making the structure bigger and stiffer.  This in turn allows for maximum use of the interior space and maximum value for the Owner’s money.

Wind Motion Mitigation

A building designed strong enough to resist required wind loads does not necessarily equate to a good design; wind motion must also be considered and properly understood.  McNamara Salvia has extensive experience in wind motion mitigation dating as far back the mid-1970’s.  Robert McNamara developed the first tuned mass damper system for Citicorp Center in New York City while an associate at another firm. We strive to mitigate wind motion with economical and creative structural solutions and are also well-versed with the design and implementation of auxiliary damping systems. Our close relationships with preeminent wind consultants successfully complements our experience in both wind engineering and wind motion mitigation.