A sensitive research environment requires precise engineering.

McNamara  Salvia’s experience designing research and laboratory facilities includes over 100 projects totaling over 10 million square feet of new construction for some of the nation’s leading educational institutions, hospitals, and pharmaceutical and medical device companies. We are familiar with the requirements for wet and dry laboratories, vivariums, biotechnical and biomedical research facilities, and life science teaching spaces.

We are familiar with the requirements for wet and dry laboratories, vivariums, biotechnical and biomedical research facilities, and life science teaching spaces.

Precision laboratory, microscopy, cell implant, micro-electronic manufacturing, and imaging equipment are standard features of modern research and laboratory facilities. McNamara  Salvia has the expertise to analyze and mitigate vibrations that can impede the performance of such specialized equipment in both new and existing buildings. Through early coordination with our clients and their vendors, we are able to understand the vibration sensitivities of the equipment and consider the effects of mechanical equipment oscillations and occupant footfall in our analyses to find cost-effective solutions to dampen the structure – first, through strategic planning of lab space and then, using tuned-mass dampers, isolation systems, and other creative structural details.

McNamara  Salvia has a long history of providing value to our clients through coordinating lab modules with cost-effective column bay sizes to support the building program. We are also able to provide structures with the adaptability to be retrofitted for future uses with limited impact on other building occupants.

Research & Laboratory Experience

Below is a partial list of featured projects:

  • Alkermes at 88 Sidney Street – Cambridge, MA
  • 150 Second Street – Cambridge, MA
  • 301 Binney Street – Cambridge, MA
  • 450 Kendall Street – Cambridge, MA
  • Pfizer at 610 Main Street – Cambridge, MA
  • 650 East Kendall Street – Cambridge, MA
  • Alexion Pharmaceuticals at 100 College Street – New Haven, CT
  • Ares Serono – Rockland, MA
  • AstraZeneca – Waltham MA
  • Biogen 8, 9 & 24 – Cambridge, MA
  • Biomed Realty Trust at The Landmark at Eastview Buildings A, B and C – Greenburgh, NY
  • Brigham Building for the Future – Boston, MA
  • Center for Life Sciences at 3 Blackfan Circle – Boston, MA
  • Charles River Plaza – Boston, MA
  • Children’s Hospital Boston Karp Family Research Laboratories – Boston, MA
  • Harvard Medical School Wyss Institute – Boston, MA
  • Kollmorgen Research & Development Facility – Northampton, MA
  • Longwood Center (Joslin Clinic) – Boston, MA
  • Massachusetts College of Pharmacy – Boston, MA
  • Massachusetts Mental Health – Boston, MA
  • Millennium Pharmaceuticals at 35 & 40 Lansdowne Street – Cambridge, MA
  • The Broad Institute of Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University – Cambridge, MA
  • New England Biolabs – Ipswich, MA
  • Nephron Pharmaceuticals – Columbia, SC
  • Novartis Institute for Biomedical Research – Cambridge, MA
  • Sunovion (Sepracor) Corporate Headquarters – Marlborough, MA
  • Schlumberger–Doll Research Center at One Hampshire Street – Cambridge, MA
  • University of Miami Cox Neuroscience Building – Miami, FL
  • University of Miami Rosenstiel School of Marine & Atmospheric Science – Virginia Key, FL
  • Vertex at Fan Pier – Boston, MA
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