‘Up-Down’ or ‘Up-Up’ construction is our specialty.

If the below grade component is not carefully planned and designed, a project is at risk both in terms of construction duration and construction cost.
Almost every urban project we work on has a basement or below grade component. Most often, and in the case of multi-level below grade construction, the space is used for structured parking (click here for more information regarding our above grade Structured Parking experience). Regardless of the intended use of the below grade space, if not carefully planned and designed it can represent substantial risk to a project both in terms of construction duration and construction cost. With a wealth of knowledge of below grade building systems, we at McNamara • Salvia work with our clients to identify the most cost effective solutions to meet their objectives. Whether it be lowest initial cost of construction, long term cost of ownership, time to market as reflected by ‘Up-Down’ or ‘Up-Up’ construction techniques we can help you understand the trade-offs between systems, so the team can make an informed decision regarding the best solution for the project.

Multi-Level Subterranean Experience

Below is a partial list of featured projects:

  • 50 & 60 Binney Street – Cambridge, MA
  • 80 Broad Street – Boston, MA
  • 111 Huntington Avenue – Boston, MA
  • 303 Third Street – Cambridge, MA
  • 399 Congress Street – Boston, MA
  • 500 Atlantic Avenue – Boston, MA
  • 650 East Kendall – Cambridge, MA
  • 1330 Boylston Street – Boston, MA
  • Archstone North Point – Cambridge, MA
  • Atlantic Wharf – Boston, MA
  • Boylston West – Boston, MA
  • Brigham & Women’s Hospital – Building For The Future – Boston, MA
  • Children’s Karp Family Research Hospital – Boston, MA
  • Center For Life Sciences – Boston, MA
  • Vertex at Fan Pier – Boston, MA
  • One Marina Park Drive – Boston, MA
  • International Place I & II – Boston, MA
  • Jade Signature – Sunny Isles, FL
  • Kendall Square Garage – Cambridge, MA
  • Liberty Mutual Headquarters– Boston, MA
  • Massachusetts General Hospital Lunder Building – Boston, MA
  • Massachusetts General Hospital Yawkey Center – Boston, MA
  • Parcel 24 – Boston, MA
  • Pier 4 – Boston, MA
  • Seaport Square – Boston, MA
  • Parklane Seaport Apartments – Boston, MA
  • Trilogy Fenway Residential – Boston, MA
  • Two Financial Center – Boston, MA
  • West End Residences – Boston, MA
  • Wisconsin Place Garage – Chevy Chase, MD
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