‘Up-Down’ or ‘Up-Up’ construction is our specialty.

If the below-grade component is not carefully planned and designed, a project is at risk both in terms of construction duration and construction cost.
Almost every urban project we work on has a basement or below grade component. Most often, and in the case of multi-level below-grade construction, the space is used for structured parking (click here for more information regarding our above grade Structured Parking experience). Regardless of the intended use of the below-grade space, if not carefully planned and designed it can represent a substantial risk to a project both in terms of construction duration and construction cost. With a wealth of knowledge of below-grade building systems, we at McNamara  Salvia work with our clients to identify the most cost-effective solutions to meet their objectives. Whether it be lowest initial cost of construction, long term cost of ownership, time to market as reflected by ‘Up-Down’ or ‘Up-Up’ construction techniques we can help you understand the trade-offs between systems, so the team can make an informed decision regarding the best solution for the project.

Multi-Level Subterranean Experience

Below is a partial list of featured projects:

  • 50 & 60 Binney Street – Cambridge, MA
  • 80 Broad Street – Boston, MA
  • 111 Huntington Avenue – Boston, MA
  • 303 Third Street – Cambridge, MA
  • 399 Congress Street – Boston, MA
  • 500 Atlantic Avenue – Boston, MA
  • 650 East Kendall – Cambridge, MA
  • 1330 Boylston Street – Boston, MA
  • Archstone North Point – Cambridge, MA
  • Atlantic Wharf – Boston, MA
  • Boylston West – Boston, MA
  • Brigham & Women’s Hospital – Building For The Future – Boston, MA
  • Children’s Karp Family Research Hospital – Boston, MA
  • Center For Life Sciences – Boston, MA
  • Vertex at Fan Pier – Boston, MA
  • One Marina Park Drive – Boston, MA
  • International Place I & II – Boston, MA
  • Jade Signature – Sunny Isles, FL
  • Kendall Square Garage – Cambridge, MA
  • Liberty Mutual Headquarters– Boston, MA
  • Massachusetts General Hospital Lunder Building – Boston, MA
  • Massachusetts General Hospital Yawkey Center – Boston, MA
  • Parcel 24 – Boston, MA
  • Pier 4 – Boston, MA
  • Seaport Square – Boston, MA
  • Parklane Seaport Apartments – Boston, MA
  • Trilogy Fenway Residential – Boston, MA
  • Two Financial Center – Boston, MA
  • West End Residences – Boston, MA
  • Wisconsin Place Garage – Chevy Chase, MD
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