After almost three decades, we are re-introducing
McNamara • Salvia, Structural Engineers…

It’s the same company, but now with a third location, additional principals, some very exciting projects, and a whole new look. What hasn’t changed? The creative spirit, hands-on principal participation and team-oriented design approach that has and will continue to define our firm as we grow.


New York Offices  Following the success of our expansion into South Florida with a Miami office seven years ago where McSal has become a leading structural engineering office, we are proud to introduce our third national location in the heart of midtown Manhattan. In addition, our Boston office has recently expanded into a new, bigger location to better support our collaboration with our clients.

Additional Principals  Welcome Ryan Dow, Vladimir Seijas and Bart Sullivan as new Principals at the firm and directors of our fast-growing New York office.

Exciting Projects  McSal has never been busier! From the numerous high-rise offices, residential and mixed-use towers underway in all three of our offices, to urban infill projects of all sizes, suburban developments and renovation and re-use projects of existing buildings, we strike a fantastic balance of expertise with our ever-growing staff to meet any project demands. Please follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn as we share the news about these great projects taking shape.

New Look  This year we’re going to re-introduce you to McSal in a bold, new way. “Creative to the core” – it’s more than just our slogan, it’s the very essence of who we are and how we approach every project. Please come back to our website regularly for updates as we expand our content to share even more of the inner workings of our firm and show how we can help make your project a success!