McNamara Salvia brings award-winning creativity, innovation, and experience in structural design to a wide variety of project types. Operating in 16 market sectors, our experience spans the nation reaching from all areas of New York and New England, to the high-seismic regions of Las Vegas and California, to the hurricane climate of South Florida. We are licensed to practice engineering in over 40 states and our combination of local knowledge with global expertise allows us to bring innovative new ideas to projects while understanding local construction practices.


We understand that constructing a building is a team effort and we pride ourselves on working with the team to deliver quality projects both on time and cost effectively. Early and continuous involvement by our Principals will ensure the proper selection of structural systems and avoid costly design and constructability problems down the road. Our company is large enough to handle the most challenging assignments and small enough to provide the personal service on every project.


Founded in 1987 by Robert McNamara and Joseph Salvia, McNamara Salvia is now comprised of over 150 staff members across five offices. Our Boston location remains as the corporate headquarters, now accompanied by our Miami, New York, West Palm Beach, Orlando, Denver, Raleigh, and Pune offices.

At McNamara Salvia, our motto is Creative to the Core. We combine a common sense approach with nationally-recognized technical design expertise. With more than 95% of our business from returning clients or referrals, our credibility is represented by our clients.


Adam C. McCarthy, P.E.

Principal | Boston

Mark F. Aho, P.E.

Principal | Boston

John S. Matuszewski, P.E.

Principal | Boston

Benjamin B. Wild, P.E.

Principal | Boston

Neil A. Atkinson

Principal | Boston

Joseph A. Salvia, P.E.

Founding Principal | Boston

Andrew P. Sullivan, P.E., S.E.

Principal | Florida Region

Ryan Dow, P.E., S.E.

Principal | New York

Bart Sullivan, P.E.

Principal | New York

Vladimir Seijas, P.E.

Principal | New York