West Palm Beach, FL

City Hall Redevelopment

Market Sectors
Concord Hospitality Enterprises Co.
PFVS Architects | Spina O’Rourke + Partners

City Hall Redevelopment is a 435,000 SF mixed-use development which replaced West Palm Beach’s former City Hall. The complex is made up of an AC Hotel, residences, retail and a multi-level parking structure. The AC Hotel West Palm Beach is made up of 208 keys; the residential component has 250 units. The 483-spot central parking garage resides between the hotel and retail components. It consists of two stories above-grade and two stories below-grade, under the entire development. A rooftop pool amenities deck is located within the courtyard over the garage and residential structure. There is a bridge that links the hotel with its three-story restaurant, part of the 30,000 SF allocated to retail and restaurant space.