Charlestown, MA

Bunker Hill Housing Redevelopment

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The Bunker Hill Housing Redevelopment is a multi-phased project bringing new affordable and market rate housing across 26-acres of Charlestown. This project is the largest public housing redevelopment in the history of Boston and will be the largest Passive House certified project in North America. It is the culmination of an eight-year community process for the development and expansion of the Bunker Hill Public Housing Community. Building M, the first building of the larger redevelopment, consists of a six-story, 119,600 SF structure utilizing long spanning Cross-Laminated Timber (CLT) floors on steel stud walls, enabling a quicker turnaround on the floor-floor erection sequencing. This project utilizes a variance to erect this building under the new IBC 2021 Construction Type IV-C and will have fully exposed CLT ceilings.

WoodWorks Innovation Network project featured here.