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Kindergarten through college,
we understand the different requirements.

McNamara Salvia’s portfolio of academic projects includes buildings for colleges, universities and K-12 schools. We have designed dormitories, dining facilities, classroom and research buildings, athletic facilities, student life centers, and libraries. We have worked for both public and private institutions. We are familiar with the growing trend of mixed-use buildings on campus and we pride ourselves in our ability to design cost-effective structural systems which successfully adapt to different uses. Academic buildings have different programs that have varied structural requirements.
[blockquote align=”right”]We pride ourselves in our ability to design cost-effective structural systems which successfully adapt to different uses.[/blockquote]
McNamara Salvia has the requisite experience to work closely with architects in selecting materials and developing structural systems which best suit the needs of each project.

McNamara Salvia has a long history of providing value to our clients through early coordination to help support each building program. We recognize that the value of an early structural package reduces lead times and construction schedules, and leaves more budget for finishes that provide for the comfort of each school’s student body.

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Academic Experience

McNamara Salvia has completed over 80 academic related structures with particular focus on colleges and universities. These structures include a range of dormitories, research facilities, classroom buildings, and libraries. These structures require durability in order to withstand decades of use and also require flexibility in usage as well as catering to future possibilities. The McNamara Salvia team provides a value to academic projects creating safe, long-lasting structures conforming to grants and tight budgets. Our goal is to minimize the structure cost and maximize the budget for finishes, furnishings, and equipment.

Below is a partial list of featured projects:

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*Miami Director experience at previous firm