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888 Boylston

Description: Mixed-Use / Office / Retail
Client: Boston Properties
Architect: FxFowle Architects
Location: Boston, MA

This 17-story, 425,000 square foot $275 million ultra-sustainable office and retail building features 365,000 total square feet of office space, and a new entrance to the Prudential Center shopping mall. 888 Boylston is built to LEED Platinum sustainability specifications and includes multiple sustainable features. Per developer Boston Properties, the building uses 45% less energy and 37% less water than a typical office building. A water-fueled chilled beam system circulates 100% fresh air throughout the building for cooling purposes, significantly increasing energy savings. Solar panels and 14 wind turbines on 888 Boylston’s roof produce up to 134 kW of power. 888 Boylston also includes sustainable features such as a green roof, outdoor terraces for tenants, energy-efficient lighting, a rainwater harvesting system, and a green wall in the building’s lobby.