Suffolk University Law School

The project at Suffolk University Law School adds classrooms, an 88,000 square foot law library, moot classrooms, administrative and faculty offices, alumni club and a bookstore. As one of the nation’s largest law schools, the expansion helps bring a sense of community to the Beacon Hill area. Due to the location of the project there was no permanent lay-down or crane area; the steel was delivered to the site on a daily basis. A tower crane was erected on an enlarged column pier  situated within a future elevator bank and the steel for the building was erected around the crane. Using the perimeter staging, a trolley system was used in erecting the limestone façade. A staggered loading platform at each level allowed for short-term storage without blocking  movement within the staging area.

Location Boston, MA
Client Suffolk University
Architect Tsoi/Kobus
Project Components Area 335,000 SF
SF Cost $65,000,000